Does Zerodha Charge for Rejected or Cancelled Orders

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Discount brokerage has become popular among individuals interested in trading and investing, whether they are beginners or experienced in the field. A discount broker provides trading services at a lower cost than full-service brokers while offering essential trading-related features. In 2010, Nithin Kamath and Nikhil Kamath launched Zerodha, India’s first discount brokerage firm. Known as India’s leading discount broker, Zerodha offers competitive fees on executed orders. However, one question remains: does Zerodha charge for rejected orders? This article will explore this topic to clarify Zerodha’s fee structure for rejected orders.

Zerodha Charge for Rejected Orders

Zerodha is best because it is the first discount broker to introduce zero brokerage charges for a demat account. Zerodha doesn’t charge any delivery-based trades. But other than that, intraday trades or future and options trades are charged ₹ 20 per trade, making Zerodha popular among retail investors and traders.

However, it is important to know that while Zerodha offers competitive pricing, there may be cases when orders placed on the Zerodha platform can get automatically cancelled. This can be because of many reasons, but here are some well-known reasons behind order cancellation:

  •  Insufficient margin
  •  The script is not accessible for trading.
  • Order validity gets expires.
  •  Wrong usage of order type
  • The order book shows the reason for the rejection.
  • A trader cancelled an order.

There could be any reason behind the order cancellation, But what about the charges? 

Does Zerodha Charge for rejected orders?

No, Zerodha does not charge for rejected orders. Zerodha only charges brokerage on executed orders.

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Zerodha, a user-friendly discount brokerage platform, does not impose any charges for rejected or cancelled orders. If your order is cancelled or rejected, you can check the reason in your order book and try to replace that order by correcting that mistake. Zerodha prioritizes transparency and provides a seamless trading experience for its users, ensuring they can confidently make informed decisions and trade.


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