Hello friends,

Welcome to my website chartingskills.com. My name is Akash, and I’m excited to share my skills and knowledge.

I am an independent trader. After graduating in Accounting and Finance, I decided to pursue a career in the share market. The apparent reason for starting was to earn money, but I quickly found out that there was much more to it than that.

Investing in the stock market takes time, research, and knowledge. Many People start trading without understanding how the stock market works and lose money. Trading takes time, but it can be an excellent way to make money if done correctly.

Over time, I developed my trading style and methods, and now I want to share what I’ve learned with other passionate traders through my website.

What will you get from Charting Skills?

This trading blog will provide different methods and analyses of the markets, as well as trading strategies and tips. By reading this blog, you will better understand the markets and how to trade them profitably.

  1. Simplified technical analysis: Learn the basics of technical indicators and how to use them to analyze stock charts.
  2. Trading Psychology: Learn about the role of psychology in trading and how to manage emotions to make better trading decisions.
  3. Simplified Price Action: Understand the basics of price action trading and how to identify key levels of support and resistance.
  4. Different types of trading strategies: Explore various strategies used by traders and their pros and cons.

This website is dedicated to helping people improve their trading skills, so feel free to browse around and learn something new.

Thanks for visiting!