How to Get Zerodha CMR Copy Online

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Client Master Report (CMR) is an important document that brokers provide to their clients. This digitally signed pdf document contains the client’s account details such as Demat Account Number, Client ID, Account Status, Bo Status, Birthdate, PAN Number, Nominee, Address and other contact details.

You can use a CMR copy to transfer shares in a Demat account from one broker to another. If you want to transfer shares from Upstox to Zerodha, you must submit your CMR copy to Upstox to get the shares into the Zerodha demat account.

How to get Zerodha CMR Copy?

Step 1: Login Into Your “Zerodha Console”.

Log in to your Zerodha account by visiting

zerodha login kite

Step 2: Go to the “Console” section of your Zerodha account.

Once you have logged in to your Zerodha account, click on your profile and the Console option. (Profile >>> Console)

zerodha console section

Step 3: Click on the “Accounts” Tab

Once the Console/Dashboard page opens, click on the Account Tab

In the Accounts tab, you will see many options. In those options, select “Documents.” 

zerodha accounts Console Dashboard

Step 4: Download “Zerodha CMR Copy”

Once you click on the documents, there will be an option to select a document. Click on it you will see many options to download. Select “Zerodha CMR Copy” and then click on E-mail to me.

zerodha cmr copy download

Now Zerodha will send the CMR copy to your registered E-mail address, which you can easily download.

Note you can download your Zerodha CMR copy for a limited time after generation. In case the link has expired, place a new request from Console.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CMR Copy?

A Client Master Report is a digitally signed pdf document that your broker provides. This document contains your demat account details such as Demat Account Number, Client ID, Account Status, Bo Status, Birthdate, PAN Number, Nominee, Address and other contact details. CMR copy is mainly used to transfer shares from one broker to another.

What is the Client Master List?

Client Master List is the document that contains information related to the client’s demat account. This document contains demat account details such as DP ID, Bank details, Name, Nominee, PAN Number, Address and other contact details.

What is the Difference Between Client Master Report and Client Master List?

Client Master Report and Client Master List are the same documents that provide demat account information. Zerodha Called it Client Master Report, and Other brokers called that document Client Master List.

What are the Benefits of Having Zerodha CMR Copy?

Zerodha CMR copy is very beneficial in many ways; here are some of the advantages of having Zerodha CMR copy:

  1. Make Stock Transfer Easy – CMR copy is crucial when transferring stocks from one broker to another. With the latest CMR copy, the transfer process becomes easy and speedy.
  2. Ensure personal and financial information accuracy – The Zerodha CMR Copy contains the demat account and account holder information. By having an updated CMR copy, account holders can ensure the accuracy of their personal and financial information.

What is the importance of Having a Zerodha CMR?

Zerodha CMR copy work as an essential link between you and your broker. It helps you to ensure that all your personal information is correct and up to date with a broker.

Understanding the Zerodha CMR Copy

A Zerodha CMR (Client Master Report) is an important document that contains various sections with important information about your trading and demat accounts. Let’s break down these sections to understand them better:

  1. Personal Information: This section includes your name, address, PAN number, and other personal details. Ensuring that all the information provided here is correct and up-to-date is crucial. If you spot any errors, you should rectify them immediately.
  2. Bank Details: In this section, you will find your bank account details, such as the account number and IFSC code. It’s important to double-check and ensure that the bank details mentioned here match the ones associated with your bank account.
  3. Trading Account Details: This section provides information about your trading account. It includes your unique client code, account type, and the trading segment you are associated with. It will also indicate whether your trading account is active or frozen.
  4. Demat Account Details: Here, you can find your demat account details, including the demat account number, DP ID (Depository Participant ID), and other relevant information related to your demat account.
  5. KYC Details: This section displays your KYC (Know Your Customer) details, which involve verifying your identity. It includes your identity proof, address proof, and PAN card details. It’s crucial to ensure that the information in this section is accurate and matches the documents you submitted during the KYC process.


The Zerodha CMR (Client Master Report) is an important document for traders as it holds their personal and financial information with the broker. It is crucial to have accurate information in the CMR Copy. If you notice any errors, immediately contact Zerodha to rectify them.

You should check your CMR copy once to ensure everything is correct. To get the Zerodha CMR copy, follow the steps mentioned above.


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