As U.S. stock indexes reach historic highs, discover 10 value stocks to watch in 2024.

U.S. Stock Market: Soaring to New Heights

With hopes of interest rate cuts and inflation decline, Wall Street is buzzing with excitement. Is it the right time to invest?

PayPal has seen boom and bust cycles. In 2024, revenues are predicted to increase by roughly 8%, and analysts predict a nearly 12% increase in earnings.

PayPal Holdings Inc.

Analysts predict double-digit earnings growth this year, but the stock is currently only trading at 11 times forward earnings.

Global Payments Inc.

Toyota Motor Corp.

Toyota maintains high profit margins from EV and hybrid models alongside its core product lines.

Hormel Foods Corp.

As inflation starts to decline, Hormel's earnings should start to rise in 2024. The dividend-king corporation has increased its payout for 57 consecutive years and is currently yielding 3.6%.

IBM Corp.

IBM's consulting services generate steady cash flows and sizable dividends for shareholders And It's investment in AI is poised to yield significant returns due to growing investor interest."

Aflac Inc.

The GLP-1 class of medications used to treat diabetes and obesity may increase life expectancy, which would increase life insurance companies' profits. 

FedEx Corp.

FedEx's shares sold off by more than 10%. Given that the decline brought FDX stock down to 14 times projected earnings, it appears to be an opportunity.

Kroger Co.

KR stock has barely moved in the past year. By 2024, it might be ready to catch up. Less than eleven times forward earnings is what Kroger sells for.

Discover Financial Service

Discover will be able to return a significant amount of capital to its shareholders in the future because its shares are currently trading at just nine times forward earnings. Inc.

JD's revenue increased to an estimated $151 billion for the full year 2023 from $83 billion in 2019. Analysts predict that the company will generate $162 billion in revenue by 2024.