9 Best Cheap Stocks to Buy Now Under $20

Excels with a $23B cap, managing $165B assets. Specializing in mid-market financing and alternative investments, its shares surged 30% in a year.

9. Blue Owl Capital Inc.

Thrives on background checks and biometric fraud detection, rising 36% in 12 months amid strong rental and job markets. A unique, economical pick.

8. First Advantage Corp.

Excels with a 45% surge in shares, blending retail and e-commerce effectively. Its recent earnings beat forecasts, hinting at further growth.

7. Gap Inc.

Boasts a 65% revenue surge with its telehealth platform, offering both prescription and wellness products. Projected for 30% growth, it's a rising star.

6. Hims & Hers Health Inc.

Shines in roll-up doors for self-storage, soaring 30% in 12 months. Its niche focus delivers solid shareholder value, reaching three-year highs.

5. Janus International Group Inc.

A REIT with 47M sq ft in prime locations, rebounded with a 60% gain after a tough year. Its recovery signals a strong start to 2024 despite past hurdles.

4. Macerich Co.

Leads in packaging, with shares doubling from 2023 lows due to strong demand. Still affordable, it offers a solid investment in a recovering economy.

3. Pactiv Evergreen

Rides the nuclear revival wave, with shares nearly doubling as uranium prices soar. Amid energy shifts, UEC's growth marks a high in a decade.

2. Uranium Energy Corp.

Excels in consumer intelligence, boosting revenues by 22% last year. With a 17% projected rise in 2024, its shares gained 20% in 3 months, showing strong momentum.

1. Zeta Global

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