Vodafone Idea Share Price Target For 2023, 2025 to 2030

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Vodafone Idea Share Price Target: After Reliance Jio’s entry on 5 September 2016, many telecom companies like Airtel, Idea, & Vodafone faced so much competition in the market. And to face this problem, Vodafone and Idea decided to merge and become Vodafone Idea Limited, now known as “Vi Limited“.

After this merger, retail investors are pretty optimistic about the shares of Vodafone Idea. So, in this blog post, we will analyze whether this stock can give multiple returns. Furthermore, we will discuss Vodafone Idea Share Price targets for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2030.

Company Overview

After Reliance Jio’s dominance in the telecom sector, other telecom companies like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Bsnl etc., faced so much competition, and it was hard to survive in this competitive market. Many companies couldn’t even survive in this market and shut down forever.

To solve this problem, Vodafone and Idea merged their business on 31 August 2018. As per this deal, Vodafone Group holds a 45.2% share, Aditya Birla Group holds a 26% share, and the public holds the remaining shares.

Vodafone Idea Share Price Target 2023

The current market capitalization of the company is approximately ₹ 34,903 Cr.

During the Covid pandemic, Vodafone Idea Ltd’s share price hit a low of 2.70 ₹, But later when the recovery started, it hit a High of 16.80 ₹. And now it has fallen around 65% from its top, and the current market price is 7.20₹.

Vodafone Idea’s share price is currently looking weak on the daily chart. And in the market company is currently facing so much competition from Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel. If it continues like this, then in 2023, we can see these targets for this stock.

Vodafone Idea share price target for 2023 is 8.15 ₹ as the first target and 9 ₹ as the second target.

Vodafone Idea Share Price Target 2024

After Reliance Jio entered the telecom sector, the company had to reduce its prices to survive in the market and retain its customers.

Even after the merger, Vodafone Idea still struggles to keep its head above water. Along with this, the financials of Vodafone Idea are also looking very bad. There is neither sales growth nor profit growth in the company. And due to this, I don’t think the company’s share price will rise significantly anytime soon.

Vodafone Idea share price target for 2024 is 12 ₹ as the first target and 15 ₹ as the second target.

Vodafone Idea Share Price Target 2025

Vodafone Idea is India’s third largest telecom company, and there is news that Vodafone Idea is launching a 5G network in June. The senior official at the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) has said to reports that the company is about to secure its funding by June and Launch a 5G network across India in June.

vodafone idea share price target 2025

The officials also said that Vodafone Idea’s entry into the 5G network would prevent duopoly, which is good for consumers. There are also rumours that Nokia is in talks with Vodafone Idea to supply 5G networking equipment, and Nokia is also currently supplying these network equipments to Airtel and Jio.

Vodafone Idea share price target 2025 is 19 ₹ as the first target and 21 ₹ as the second target.

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Vodafone Idea Share Price Target 2026

It seems like Vi is facing some tough competition from Jio and Bharti Airtel. According to the latest telco subscriber data compiled by TRAI, Vi lost around 1.36 million mobile users in January, further reducing its user base to 239.96 million. On the other hand, Jio and Bharti Airtel have continued to grow, with user bases of 426.17 million and 368.89 million, respectively.

Many analysts predict that Vi, the Indian telecom operator, will experience even more significant losses in their subscriber base once Airtel and Jio launch their 5G networks nationwide later this year.

Vodafone Idea share price target for 2026 is 23 ₹ as the first target and 24 ₹ as the second target.

Vodafone Idea Share Price Target 2030

If you are a long-term investor, then look for investments that offer good returns. However, it seems that Vodafone Idea may not be the most promising option for the future.

Vodafone Idea Limited has been struggling financially due to high debt and intense competition in the Indian telecommunications market. Its liabilities have increased after the Supreme Court ruled on adjusted gross revenue (AGR) in October 2019. The company is struggling to generate enough revenue to cover its expenses.

The financial condition of this company appears to be deteriorating. It is currently facing challenges in generating sales growth, and a further decline in profits could worsen its overall situation.

The achievement of Vodafone Idea’s target of 50 ₹ by 2030 largely depends on its ability to increase its customer base successfully. If the company can attract and retain more customers, it stands a chance of reaching this target. However, if it fails to do so, the share price could potentially drop below 6 ₹.

Vodafone Idea Share Price Target Table

YearFirst Target (₹)Second Target (₹)

Shareholding Pattern of Vodafone Idea

As of March 2023.

This data is taken from screener.in

Vodafone Idea Annual Report:

  1. Vodafone Idea Annual Report 2022
  2. Vodafone Idea Annual Report 2021
  3. Vodafone Idea Annual Report 2020


The company mostly takes debt to raise funds, which can be a big mistake for this company. And this also shows that the company’s business model is not strong enough to give good results to the investors in the long run.

If you are considering investing in this stock for the long term, then don’t invest in this stock because this stock cannot give good returns in the long run. Short-term investors can bet on this stock, but it is clearly avoided for the long term.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vodafone Idea Share Price Target 2023

We can set the first target at 8.15 ₹ and the second target at 9 ₹.

Vodafone Idea Share Price Target 2025

Vodafone Idea share price target 2025 is 19 ₹ as the first target and 21 ₹ as the second target.

Vodafone Idea Share Price Target 2030

For the long term, this stock is not a good bet, but if the company faces all its challenges and stays in the market for a while, we can see Vodafone Idea’s share price target for 2030 of around 50 ₹.

Who is the CEO of Vodafone Idea Company?

Akshaya Moondra is the current CEO of the Vodafone Idea company.


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