Tata Steel Bonus History

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Tata Steel is one of India’s oldest companies, founded on 26 August 1907, almost 115 years ago, by Jamsetji Tata. Today in this post, we will talk about Tata Steel Bonus History, which was started in 1954. What do you think about how many times Tata Steel has rewarded its shareholders with bonus shares?

Tata Steel Share Bonus History

Announcement DateBonus RatioRecord Date
11 September 19541:1
11 September 19591:5
11 September 19672:5
11 September 19812:5
11 September 19872:5
07 June 20041:211 August 2004

Since 1954, Tata Steel has issued bonus shares six times. The first bonus shares were given on 11 September 1954 with a bonus ratio of 1:1, and Tata Steel gave the Last bonus shares on 07 June 2004, with a bonus ratio of 1:2.

After 2000, they gave bonus shares to their shareholders only once, which was in 2004.

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About Tata Steel

Tata Steel was founded by Jamsetji Tata in 1907. It’s been almost 115 years. It is a multinational steel manufacturing company that has a good reputation in the global steel industry. Alongside SAIL and Jindal Steel and Power, Tata Steel is one of the three Indian steel companies with captive iron-ore mines, providing them a competitive advantage.

With its headquarters in Mumbai, India, Tata Steel operates in various countries worldwide, including India, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Americas. The company has a diverse portfolio of steel products catering to the automotive, construction, infrastructure, packaging, and engineering sectors.

Tata Steel has been at the forefront of innovation in the steel industry. It has pioneered several breakthroughs, including developing high-strength steel, corrosion-resistant steel, and advanced coatings. The company has also invested in research and development to enhance manufacturing processes and introduce eco-friendly initiatives.

Sustainability is a key focus for Tata Steel. The company is committed to reducing its environmental impact through energy conservation, waste management, and reducing carbon footprint. Tata Steel has implemented sustainable practices across its operations and actively promotes recycling and responsible sourcing of raw materials.

In addition to its core steel production business, Tata Steel is also involved in social welfare activities. The company supports education, healthcare, and livelihood programs for communities in and around its operations. Tata Steel’s community initiatives aim to improve the quality of life for people in areas where it operates.

Tata Steel has received numerous accolades and recognition for its achievements. It has been awarded for its corporate governance, sustainability practices, and operational excellence. The company continues to invest in technology, innovation, and sustainable growth strategies to maintain its position as a global leader in the steel industry.

Overall, Tata Steel’s rich history, commitment to innovation, sustainable practices, and social responsibility make it a significant player in the global steel market. The company’s continuous focus on quality, customer satisfaction, and responsible business practices has contributed to its success and reputation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tata Steel bonus history

Throughout its history, Tata Steel has issued bonus shares in total six times.

First Bonus By Tata Steel

In 1954, Tata Steel company announced its first bonus share.

Last Bonus Share By Tata Steel

On June, 07 2004 Tata Steel has given last bonus share.


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