Tata Power Share Price Target 2023, 2024,2025, 2030

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Tata Power share price target for 2023 will be 255, Tata Power Share price target for 2025 will be 350, and then Tata Power share price target for 2030 will be 900. These are the targets for 2023, 2025 & 2030. To know more details about these targets, read this blog post.

Tata Power Company Overview

Tata Power Company Ltd. is one of India’s leading integrated power companies, operating across the complete power value chain. With a strong presence in conventional and renewable energy sectors, power services, and innovative customer solutions, Tata Power offers a wide range of reliable and sustainable power solutions.

As of the latest shareholding pattern, the promoters hold approximately 46.86% of the company’s shares, while foreign institutions account for around 9.46%. The general public, including retail investors, holds approximately 26.09% of the shares.

Tata Power’s commitment to technological advancement, project execution excellence, and customer care have helped them establish a remarkable reputation in the industry. They actively drive green initiatives and provide solutions for emerging technologies, catering to customers’ evolving needs.

Visit its official website at www.tatapower.com, To learn more about the company.

Tata Power Share Price Target 2023

Tata Power share price has seen an incredible recovery after the Covid crash and given returns of over 900% from its low to the investors. However, recently, it has witnessed a fall of approximately 30% from its high of ₹298. This fall not only happened in Tata Power but is also seen by other power sectors companies such as Adani Power, Power Grid, and Torrent Power. The main reason for this fall is poor global market sentiment.

This fall is primarily because of market volatility, and there is nothing wrong with company fundaments. The company’s financial condition suggests a good uptrend in the stock price. In the corresponding quarter of the previous year, Tata Power recorded a significant increase of 48% in profits, reaching Rs 632 crore. Additionally, its consolidated revenue grew 6%, totalling Rs 12,755 crore in Q4FY22 compared to Rs 12,085 crore.

Many brokerage firms are positive for this company’s future growth. This positive sentiment has excited investors.

I am bullish on Tata Power Company, and considering the current market conditions, I recommend buying Tata Power share price with a target ₹255 for 2023.

Tata Power Share Price Target 2025

Tata Power stands out in the sector due to its extensive experience, making it a well-regarded player in the market. This company already has a strong presence in the competitive market and has a unique edge that other companies don’t have. This company also get support from Tata Groups other companies, which pushes this company one step ahead of other companies.

Based on its continued growth in the power sector, Tata Power Share Price Target in 2025 will be around 385₹.

Tata Power Share Price Target 2030

Investors holding Tata Power shares for the next 5 years or more have high expectations for multi-bagger returns, indicating their confidence in the company’s long-term future.

tata power share price chart

Tata Power, a leading EV charging solutions provider, has taken significant strides towards becoming India’s largest green energy company by 2030. Recognizing the increasing need for EV charging infrastructure, Tata Power has initiated a nationwide plan to establish 25,000 EV charging points nationwide over the next five years. This endeavour aims to accelerate the adoption of e-mobility and cater to the diverse charging requirements prevalent across different regions.

The company has significant potential for future growth and is expected to demonstrate positive performance over time. As retail investors, it is essential to remain patient and hold onto the shares. It is advisable not to sell the shares at a loss. Instead, we should wait for a change in market sentiment, as this could lead to a potential increase in the share price.

Tata Power Share Price Target in 2030 can be around 900₹ to 1000₹.

TATA Power Share Price Target

YearFirst Target (₹)Second Target (₹)

Future of Tata Power: WHAT ARE EXPERTS SAYING?

Sharekhan’s research report dated May 04, 2023, shows that they are bullish on Tata Power Company and have recommended a buy rating on the stock with a target price of Rs 245. Similarly, ICICI Direct has a buy call on Tata Power Company with a target price of Rs 252.

Edelweiss, expressing cautious optimism, values Tata Power’s shares at Rs 262, acknowledging the company’s ongoing transformation and increasing momentum.

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Disclaimer: Dear valued viewers, I am not authorized by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) to provide financial advice or recommendations. The information shared is for educational purposes only and should not be interpreted as investment advice. I cannot be held responsible for any profits or losses. It is strongly advised to conduct your research and consider all factors before making investment decisions in the stock market. The information in this post may contain inaccuracies and errors and is subject to change.

Should You Invest Or Hold In Tata Power?

Tata Power is a promising long-term investment option.

Considering the data and statistics mentioned in the post, it is evident that Tata Power holds significant potential for the future. With the increasing demand for green energy and the growing EV industry, this company is well-positioned to benefit from these trends. Therefore, investing in Tata Power shares now could be a favorable decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the Tata Power share price Target in 2023?

The first target for TATA Share will be 275 and second target will be 275 in year 2023.

What will be the Tata Power share price Target in 2025?

The future prospects for this company are highly promising. We anticipate that the target price for Tata Power in 2025 will range between 350 and 385, indicating significant growth potential.

What will be the future of TATA Power?

The increasing demand for green energy and the rapid growth of the EV sector indicate a promising future for Tata Power. The company is expected to experience a significant boost and its outlook appears to be exceptionally bright.

Should I invest in Tata Power for the long term?

Certainly! If you’re a long-term investor, investing in Tata Power could potentially yield excellent returns in the next few years. The company’s forward-thinking approach, particularly in the areas of green energy and the EV sector, positions it for future success and attractive returns.

Is it the right time to invest in Tata Power stock?

It may be a favorable time to consider investing in Tata Power shares. If feasible, you might even consider implementing a systematic investment plan (SIP) for this stock.


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