Suzlon Energy Share Price Target For 2023, 2025 to 2030

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Today in this post, we will see Suzlon Energy Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030. Suzlon is counted among the largest renewable energy companies in India.

Demand for renewable energy has rapidly increased in the last few years, and companies like Suzlon Energy are trying to fulfil this rising demand. Due to this, Suzlon Energy is getting popular among investors.

Today we will analyze Suzlon Energy’s business and new opportunities available for this company. This will help us to make better decisions regarding Suzlon Share Price Target.

About Suzlon Energy Company

Suzlon Energy Limited is an Indian renewable energy company specializing in wind energy solutions. It was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Pune, India. Suzlon Energy Limited is one of the largest wind turbine manufacturers, and it has installed over 12,440 wind turbines across six continents.

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Suzlon Energy Share Price Target 2023

In recent years, Suzlon has expanded its operations globally and has established partnerships with several leading companies in the renewable energy sector.

This company already faced a severe debt crisis, which affected its share price back then. Still, it has faced all those bad things and has become India’s largest renewable energy company. And that’s why investors are trusting this company again, which can be seen in its Suzlon share price.

By checking all these factors, we can say that in 2023, the target price for Suzlon energy share price will be around ₹ 15 as the first target and around ₹ 17.80 as the second target. Recently Suzlon share price hit a high of ₹ 15.75. If you had invested from April 2023 in this company, then your investment could have increased by more than 80%.

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Suzlon Energy Share Price Target 2024

Suzlon offers a range of wind energy solutions, including wind turbine design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. Its wind turbines are known for their innovation, competitiveness, reliability, and sustainability.

The company has a proven track record of maximizing return on investments for its customers. Its expertise in the wind energy sector gives it a competitive advantage in the market.

And with this potential and advantage, if you are thinking of Suzlon Energy share price target for 2024, the first target is ₹ 21.50, and the second target is ₹ 24.

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Suzlon Energy Share Price Target 2025

Suzlon Energy has always been focused on research and development to improve its products. With the management team’s experience, the company has made significant innovations and development in wind turbines.

As a result, Suzlon Energy has been able to increase its production capacity of energy in its wind turbines to a great extent. Additionally, the company is working fast on developing next-generation new turbine models of carbon fibre, which can help the company show a big boom in the coming years.

As analysts believe, Suzlon Energy could develop the best products with the help of its Research & Development, which could lead to enormous benefits.

With this information, we can assume the share price target for Suzlon Energy in 2025 is ₹ 25.45 as the first target and ₹ 27 as the second target.

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Suzlon Energy Share Price Target 2030

The demand for renewable energy will increase as natural resources become limited, and their costs rise. The demand for renewable energy in India is growing rapidly due to population growth, economic development, and government policies. That’s why India has set an ambitious target of achieving 50% of its total energy use from renewable sources by 2030.

This will lead to growth for companies like Suzlon Energy. Suzlon Energy is well-positioned to perform well as one of the top companies in this sector. So this company is suitable for a long-term investment option, as it looks promising and can increase your investment value.

Suzlon Energy share price target 2030 is good and can give you returns you never thought possible. The first target for Suzlon Share price by 2030 will be ₹ 135, and the second target will be around ₹ 140.

Suzlon Share Price Target Table

YearFirst share price target (₹)Second share price target (₹)

Shareholding Pattern of Suzlon Energy

As of March 2023, & This data is taken from
Suzlon Energy Annual Report:
  1. Suzlon Energy Annual Report 2022
  2. Suzlon Energy Annual Report 2021
  3. Suzlon Energy Annual Report 2020
  4. Suzlon Energy Annual Report 2019


Many brokerage firms stated that by the end of 2023, the price is expected to be around ₹ 17. And target price for Suzlon shares is ₹ 25.45 as first target and ₹ 27 as second target by 2025.

This stock is future-proof as the rapidly growing population demands more and more energy, and energy sources are limited. In the future, when humans start using renewable energy sources primarily, companies like Suzlon Energy are bound to grow. This company can become a multi-bagger, but there is always a risk in the market. So take risks according to your ability.

Disclaimer: Dear valued viewers, I am not authorized by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) to provide financial advice or recommendations. The information shared is for educational purposes only and should not be interpreted as investment advice. I cannot be held responsible for any profits or losses. It is strongly advised to conduct your research and consider all factors before making investment decisions in the stock market. The information in this post may contain inaccuracies and errors and is subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Suzlon Energy a debt-free company?

No, Suzlon Energy is not debt free. As of March 2023, the company had a net debt of ₹15.4 billion. This is down from ₹63.9 billion in March 2022, but it is still a significant debt. The company has been working to reduce its debt load, but it is still far from being debt free.

How will Suzlon Energy share be in terms of future?

The future of Suzlon Energy shares looks promising. The company is a leading provider of wind turbines in a growing market, and it has been making progress in reducing its debt. Additionally, the company has a strong management team in place.

What is the share price of Suzlon in 2025?

The target price for Suzlon Energy’s share in 2025 is around ₹ 25.45 as the first target and ₹ 27 as the second target.

What is the target share price of Suzlon Energy in 2030?

The target price for Suzlon Energy’s share in 2030 is around ₹ 135 as the first target and ₹ 140 as the second target.


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