How to Get Real Time Data on Thinkorswim

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Are you tired of seeing warning messages about Partially Delayed Data on Thinkorswim? If you are seeing These warnings, it means all quotes are 20 minutes delayed to you. Real-time data is crucial for making informed decisions. Delayed data can lead to missed opportunities and potential losses. In this blog post, I will explain how to get real-time data on Thinkorswim and the reasons for the delayed data.

How to Fix Delayed Quotes?

To Fix delayed quotes on TD Ameritrade account and the ThinkorSwim platform, you have to go through some simple steps. TD Ameritrade provides real-time quotes for free only if your account is classified as Nonprofessional.

To enable real-time quotes, you’ll need to sign and agree to exchange agreements from the various exchanges. These agreements are mainly used to confirm your status as a nonprofessional investor.

To access these agreements, log in to your TD Ameritrade account and navigate to the Client Service Tab > My Profile > General. 

This page is where you can apply for additional approvals for your account, such as margin, futures and options, and forex. 

general settings in TD Ameritrade account

But to enable real-time data, we will focus on the section called Real-time quotes & exchange agreements. There, click on “Sign Agreements,” and you will be asked different questions. These questions determine if you should be classified as a Nonprofessional or Professional. 

So, it’s important to carefully consider each question and ensure you don’t mistakenly classify yourself as a professional. If you do, you’ll have to pay monthly for real-time quotes.

real time data enable on thinkorswim

Once you have finished signing the agreements, log out of all TD Ameritrade or ThinkorSwim platforms currently logged in, and then log back in. This will allow you to access real-time data for stocks, options, and futures on all of your platforms.

How to Enable Level II Data?

To enable Level II data on ThinkorSwim, navigate to Client Services > My Profile > Subscriptions. From there, you must subscribe to Real-Time NASDAQ Level II quotes.

This will allow you to access real-time market depth and see the prices at which buyers and sellers are willing to trade. Having Level II data can give you a better understanding of the market’s current state and help you make informed decisions regarding your trades.

Note: If your account is classified as Nonprofessional, this subscription will cost you nothing, but if it’s Professional, you must pay monthly for real-time data.

How to Fix Delayed Data on PaperMoney?

By signing all those agreements, you will only get access to real-time data on the live version of ThinkorSwim. To remove the delay from your PaperMoney account, please contact TD Ameritrade support through phone or chat.

But to access real-time data on PaperMoney, your account must have a minimum balance of $500.

What are the reasons for the delayed data on ThinkorSwim?

As I said earlier, without real-time data enabled, all quotes shown on chart to you are 20 minutes delayed. And if you’re an active trader, you must fix this as soon as possible. The delay you’re experiencing could be due to various reasons, which include:

  • You have not signed the exchange agreements.
  • Your account is marked as Professional, and now you need to pay for real-time quotes.
  • You have a corporate account, and you need to pay for real-time data.
  • You are currently in a PaperMoney account, and To activate real-time data, you must contact TD Ameritrade support and have a minimum account value of $500.

If you are experiencing partially delayed data on your ThinkorSwim platform, it is most likely due to one of the reasons mentioned above. Fortunately, these issues can be resolved quickly either by signing the exchange agreements on the TD Ameritrade website or by contacting their support team directly.


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