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Charting Skills offers a free stock market average calculator to easily determine the average share price of a stock.

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What is stock market average calculator?

Stock average calculator is free tool that helps you to calculate stock average price.

Why Stock Market Average Calculator?

Stock market Average Calculator or Share Average Calculator is used to help investors determine the average price at which to buy or sell a stock. It allows them to calculate a stock's average price over time so that they can make more informed decisions when investing in the stock market.

For example, Suppose Mr. A bought Tata Consultancy Services Limited stocks at 3200 ₹ in the hope that the stock price would increase. But unfortunately, it didn't go with Mr. A's assumptions and fell to the level of 2700₹. But Mr. A still thinks that the price will rise, and he starts adding stocks to reduce the stock's average price.

How to use Stock Average Calculator?

  • First, enter your quantity and stock price for first-time buying.
  • Then in the second column, enter the stock quantity and stock price for the second time buying.
  • Click on Calculate Button below.
  • And you will see the result for your average stock price.

How Does Stock Average Calculator Work?

Suppose Mr. X recently purchased 50 shares of Wipro at 400₹, only to see the stock price fall to 250₹. Despite this, Mr. X believes that the stock price will go up in the future and wants to reduce the average stock price by investing in more shares.

To help with this, Charting Skills has a Share Average Calculator / Stock Average Calculator that can calculate the number of stocks needed to bring the average closer to the current price based on Mr. X's inputs.

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