20 Best Telegram Channels for Stock Market In 2023

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The telegram channels listed below are for educational purposes only.

In this blog post, we will see the best telegram channels for stock market, so if you were searching for stock market channels on telegram, then I am ensuring your search has ended here. You reached the right site for the best telegram channels for stock market in 2023.

Telegram has seen exponential growth over the last few years and has established itself as one of the top sharing platforms. It is now the favored destination for professionals to exchange ideas and information. As a result, numerous channels and groups have been formed to facilitate knowledge sharing.

Stock market traders are also taking advantage of this opportunity and sharing information related to stocks(like the best stock to buy today), investment guru commodity tips, and intraday trading tips. But with thousands of channels out there, it’s not easy to find the best telegram channels for stock market. To help you and save you time and effort, I bring you some of the best channels out there that share market-related knowledge, intraday tips, and much more.

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List of Top 20 Stock Market Telegram Channels in 2023

Channel NameSubscribersLink
Stockpro online (SEBI Registered)313kJoin
NSE Stock Pro 🇮🇳62.6kJoin
Trade On Data Institute60.2kJoin
Jackpot TradeX59.1kJoin
Nifty 50 & Stocks58.4kJoin
Usha’s Analysis39.5kJoin
Banknifty Masters34.9kJoin
Stock Market Ninjas24.6kJoin
Profits Everyday15.2kJoin
Honest Stock Marketer13.2kJoin
Kingline Stocks6.9kJoin
Growth Stock 🇮🇳6.8kJoin
Trade Phoenix5.4kJoin
Intraday Tradex4.8kJoin

All Best Telegram Channels For Stock Market

The following is an explanation of the channels listed above:

Stockpro Online (SEBI Registered)

Dr. Seema Jain, a SEBI Certified Research Analyst, founded Stockpro Online, an authorized telegram channel. This is the ideal channel for you if you’re searching for educational material, accurate knowledge about the stock market, and intraday trading tips.

With a wide variety of content, such as trading tips, YouTube videos, strategies, market trends, chart analysis, and free webinars, the channel is one of the best to join for those interested in staying informed.

Features of Stockpro Online

  1. Specialize in options trading, mainly bank nifty.
  2. Takes a special pre-market session for discussing topics.
  3. Positional Stock updates and Premium Equity calls.
  4. With greater than 90% accuracy in their trading calls, this channel has demonstrated impressive accuracy.
  5. With a more than 314k subscriber base, it is evident that this channel has the potential to deliver accurate information to its followers.


At Stoxmaster, experienced traders impart their knowledge and wisdom, making it one of the most reliable Telegram channels to join for those looking to expand their trading acumen. Their Telegram channel offers top-notch strategies and methods for successful trading in the stock market and research stock calls.

Features of StoxMaster

  1. Free Research base stock calls daily.
  2. Live Webinars.
  3. Provide Intraday tips on nifty, bank nifty, and positional trading.
  4. They also offer a stock market course.
  5. With an almost 300k subscriber base, it is evident that this channel has the potential to deliver accurate information to its followers.

NSE Stock Pro

NSE Stock Pro is a well-known stock trading Telegram channel. Every day, they provide Nifty and Banknifty calls to their subscribers. With over 60,000 subscribers, it is clear that they have a substantial following. This channel is worth trying if you seek an accuracy of 90% or higher in trading tips.

Features of NSE Stock Pro 🇮🇳

  1. 60,000+ subscribers.
  2. Daily Free nifty and bank nifty trading calls and tips.
  3. Stock Updates.

Trade On Data Institute

Trade on Data Institute is one of the fastest-growing Stock Market Telegram channels. They provide stock calls and tips to their subscribers based on market data.

Features of Trade On Data Institute

  1. 60,000+ Subscribers.
  2. Daily Free Stock calls.
  3. Nifty & Banknifty tips free.
  4. Accurate stock tips for positional Trading and Intraday Trading.

Jackpot Tradex

At Jackpot Tradex, their slogan is “Be The Part Of Unbeatable Accuracy,” They genuinely provide exceptional, accurate trading tips and calls. If you are just beginning to learn about portfolio management and intraday trading, this Telegram channel could benefit you.

They offer daily equity calls and nifty and bank nifty tips. They also share pre-market analysis, which can give you an idea of the overall market.

Features of Jackpot Tradex

  1. More than 59,000+ subscribers base.
  2. Share pre-market analysis and updates.
  3. Portfolio management for newbies.
  4. Daily equity calls and nifty trading tips.

Nifty 50 & Stocks

With over 58,000 subscribers, Nifty 50 & Stocks is a popular stock trading Telegram channel. They provide daily investment calls and are actively engaged with their audience, offering expert intraday tips and advice related to stock trading.

Features of Nifty 50 & Stocks

  1. They offer educational resources and free training.
  2. Regular updates about markets.
  3. More than 58,000+ Subscriber base.
  4. High-accuracy equity calls.

Usha’s Analysis

The primary focus of their services is providing short-term stock ideas, futures and options calls, and swing trading calls daily. Additionally, they offer investment ideas and trading calls.

If you cannot be present at a trading screen all the time. They can help manage and build a stock portfolio according to individual investing and trading needs.

Features of Usha’s Analysis

  1. Portfolio management service
  2. BTST trading ideas
  3. Helpful for small and large investors
  4. Free service

Banknifty Masters

Banknifty Master is a well-known channel that aims to teach novice traders how to make money in the market. It offers a broad range of resources to help people get started. Daily Banknifty calls and trades also provide views on bank nifty and stock options. In addition to giving calls and tips, they also suggest when to exit and book profits. 

For traders interested in paid services, they provide them in addition to free knowledge and views on their Telegram channel.

Features of Banknifty Masters

  1. Over 80% of calls and trading tips have been accurate.
  2. Free 1-2 Daily Calls on Bank Nifty.
  3. Banknifty Master provides superior service with customized assistance.

Stock Market Ninjas

Stock Market Ninjas has amassed a large following of 23,000+ active subscribers, making it one of the most popular Telegram channels. This channel is highly trusted by its users. The focus of their services is to educate novice traders and help them to maximize profits in the stock market. Daily, they provide insightful calls concerning bank nifty and stock options. Their ultimate goal is to assist beginners in gaining success in stock trading.

Features of Stock Market Ninjas

  1. You can start with small capital
  2. Short-term and long terms calls
  3. 23,000+ active members

Profits Everyday

Profit Everyday is a specialized channel for stock market trading, providing a wide range of services, such as analysis-based intraday tips on stock options. They post one stock option for free daily, as well as advice on when to take profits and exit from a given call.

Features of Profits Everyday

  1. Their Premium Service is available at an affordable price.
  2. Customer Support over telegram.
  3. Daily one Free call.
  4. 15,000+ Members.

These are the 10 best telegram channels for stock market.

Honest Stock Marketer

Honest Stock Marketer is a leading intraday trading telegram channel boasting more than 13,000 members. They offer comprehensive services, including trading calls and tips for Bank Nifty and Nifty Option calls. In addition to this, they also tell subscribers when to book profit and exit from trades.

Features of Honest Stock Marketer

  1. 1-2 free intraday options call
  2. Unique zero to hero calls on expiry.
  3. Affordable premium subscriptions


Shree Tech Analysis is among the top advisors for Nifty and Banknifty Options; if you are searching for a reliable source of advice in this area, look no further. With more than 80% accuracy rate, they provide free calls on stock options and bank nifty and nifty.

You can access their premium service by opening a Demat account via Shree Tech Analysis.

Features of Shree Tech Analysis

  1. Free
  2. You can access premium service by opening a Demat account via a referral link.
  3. Dedicated customer support via telegram.

BullsBears Traders

On this channel, you get complete information about Index Options, Equity Cash, and Stock Options, and you are provided with regular calls with an accuracy of more than 90%. This channel boasts an impressive 12,000+ subscribers and counting.

Features of BullsBears Traders

  1. 12,000+ Subscribers
  2. You can earn up to 5,000 to 10,000 with their calls.
  3. More than 90% accuracy.

Vision Trading

They provide multiple services, including banking and stock options. They also post calls for positional trades, which you can hold for short-term to long-term.

Features of Vision Trading

  1. up to 70% accuracy
  2. Positional Trading Tips
  3. Daily Free calls and tips


20PAISA.COM has been providing accurate information and expert advice on stock market trends and news for over a decade. This is a great channel for anyone interested in bank nifty options, future & options trading, stock options trading, & Equity options.

Features of 20paisa.com

  1. Bank Nifty Options call.
  2. 70% accuracy rate on given calls
  3. For those looking to invest in the stock market, future, options trading, and equity options, their experts provide helpful guides and tips to get you started.
  4. More than 11,000 subscribers.

Kingline Stocks

The team of skilled traders at Kingline Stocks provides daily equity options trading signals to their clients. They carefully analyze the market and choose the best stocks for their customers.

Features of Kingline Stocks

  1. Stock and Options tips and calls.
  2. Market Updates
  3. 4-5 Research Base Calls Daily
  4. Strong Client base.

Growth Stock

If you desire to generate profits through Banknifty trades, Growth Stocks is the solution for you. They supply exact option calls that allow you to gain profits quickly. Their calls will provide you with an advantage to increase your returns.

Features of Growth Stocks

  1. More than 70% accuracy
  2. Daily 1 free call
  3. Dedicated customer support
  4. Their Return ratio is also promising

Bombay Trader

Bombay Traders have an expert team that provides precise trading calls and offers one free daily trading call. This channel has seen a sharp increase in subscribers and now boasts more than 6,500.

Features of Bombay Trader

  1. Timely, Accurate entry and exit calls
  2. More than 70% accuracy
  3. Daily Free calls

Trade Phoenix

Trade Phoenix is another trading channel that mainly focuses on index options. If you are searching for a channel that shares call related to nifty and bank nifty, then trade phoenix is the right choice.

Features of Trade Phoenix

  1. Market updates regularly
  2. In-depth market research provided
  3. Free Calls and also premium services
  4. Rapidly Growing Subscriber base

Intraday Tradex

Intraday Tradex is a Telegram channel devoted to trading, offering excellent services related to the stock market. They provide intraday call related to stock options and index options.

Features of Intraday Tradex

  1. Regular Market Updates
  2. Growing Trading channel
  3. Daily Banknifty and Nifty calls

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If you are searching for the Best Telegram channels for stock market trading, these 20 are the top I have discovered. With the help of the Telegram channels listed above, you can gain valuable insight into the stock market. But remember that always do your due diligence and research before making any decisions.

Share your opinions in the comment section below.

It is important to note that all telegram channels mentioned are for educational purposes only. The user should use his own discretion in selecting the desired Telegram channel, and I shall not be held responsible for any possible consequences of those decisions.

Happy Learning 😊 & Happy Trading 😊.

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